Lancome-Oczy-Hypnose_Doll_EyesDURABILITY: Lancome Mascara tends to smear and fleck which may lead to panda eye effect formation. For that reason, it is better to apply either only one coating of the mascara or use a mascara primer beforehand. It this way, the makeup will be enhanced significantly.

BRUSH: Basically, it is a typical cone-shaped applicator having shorter bristle on the tip, and longer ones on the bottom. The bristle itself is not arranged very densely, which is why, it is easier to cover the lashes rather precisely. However, this type of bristle placement may result in too thick mascara layers application.

APPLICATION: Since the product has liquid consistency, one has to manoeuvre the brush skilfully to avoid spoiling eye makeup by mascara stains. After the cosmetic application, it is suggested to wait a while to let the product dry out. To clarify, one should not close eyes or open these wide because lashes may stick to each other or the mascara may, in a way, stamp eye skin area.

EFFECTS: The cosmetics has flower fragrance as well as nourishing and caring properties. Additionally, it defines lashes and thickens these. Natural and delicate effect is provided only if small amount of the cosmetic applied.

MASCARA REMOVAL: A makeup lotion or a micellar lotion easily remove the mascara. It is not suggested to rub the lashes while performing makeup removal. Such kind of motion may cause irritations or considerably deteriorate eyelashes’ condition.