Vibrating Mascara

Vibrating Mascara

Cosmetic producers tend to invent plenty of various cosmetics and makeup accessories all the time. In fact, it looks as if they were competing against each other to design the most unique products possible. As a consequence, we are flooded with makeup items such as heated eyelash curlers, 3 in 1 plastic mascara applicator guide combs, egg-shaped makeup sponges for foundation application or even eyebrow stencil makeup kit shaping tools. Obviously, the list of these inventions is much longer, nevertheless, this article focuses only on one particular creation – a vibrating mascara. Do you know this game-changing accessory?

Let us start from the beginning. A vibrating mascara was designed for the same reasons as any typical, regular mascara. Its aim is to extend, thicken, curl and beautify lashes. Having this in mind, you may wonder, what is the point in creating the vibrating mascara at all? Basically, such a mascara was designed in order to ease covering the lashes with mascara evenly, right from the base to the tips as well as help to separate lashes precisely. However, does vibrating mascara really work that way?

Vibration was introduced to mascaras in order to obtain the maximal volume of lashes. What is more, it provides mascara coating on the complete length of eyelashes just with a single brushstroke. It is also believed, that due to vibrating mascaras, the application of the cosmetic is completely effortless and effect of stuck eyelashes is not produced at any degree. How to use a vibrating mascara? Eye makeup looks almost alike coating eyelashes with a traditional mascara brush. Suffice to place the wand parallel to eyelids and turn on the vibrations. Then, you have to move the vibrating brush from one corner of the eye to the other one. Dependable on the effect you want to achieve, repeat the movements and coat the lashes with several layers of the cosmetic. Mascara lower eyelashes alike. You can as well, apply popular zigzag motion technique.

Does vibrating mascara have any downsides?

Each cosmetic equipped with a vibrating mechanism is irreplaceable, therefore, if broken, a vibrating mascara turns into being a typical cosmetic that costs way more than a regular one. While talking about the price, such vibrating product have to cost more than its classic counterparts does, since it is composed of various instruments creating a small engine powerful enough to put the brush into motion. However, the consistency, properties and type of bristle used are comparable to all the mascaras available on the market. For that reason, it is worth asking yourself a question, what is more beneficial: buying an expensive vibrating mascara or learning a few techniques of eyelash mascaraing?

Colourful and Glitter Mascara.

Colourful and Glitter Mascara.

Everybody without exception knows black mascara. But have you ever come across colourful or glitter mascaras? And do you know what colour suits you best?

Yellow, pink, brown, violet, green and blue mascaras are easily accessible in any cosmetic shop. We can buy glitter eye beautifying products as well. These look especially appealing while put on the tips of eyelashes that have been already covered with a black mascara. In a case, you do not have such a cosmetic, then prepare your own glitter eyelashes at home. How? Collect an adhesive, a stripe of false lashes and loose glitter or glitter eye shadows. Spread the adhesive over the lashes and then sprinkle the lashes with glitter. Wait several minutes to let the lashes dry-out and brush down the excess of sparkling particles. Now, you can apply the lashes on your eyelids.Are you content with your disco look?

Now, a few words concerning colourful mascaras.

First piece of information, if you decide to use mascara of other colour than black, do not apply vivid or sparkling eye shadows, eye pencils or eyeliners. Such a combination of intensive colours may look either cheesy or a little bit overwhelming. In such a makeup style, it must be the mascara carrying the domineering feature. Allowable in turn, is drawing thin eye lines of the shame shade as the mascara used.

You can leave lower eyelashes uncovered if you are afraid of achieving too expressive look. Let these remain natural, or coat these with a conditioner or a transparent mascara. The technique, which is not advised to adopt, concerns applying two different colours of mascaras at the same time. The only exception is made by combining a black mascara with other colours.

How to match mascara with the colour of the iris?

First of all, blue mascaras are the must have of 2015 spring/summer season. These suit all types of beauty and all sorts of eyes. Eyelashes covered with a bright shade of blue make the face look well-rested and fresh. When it comes to blue and green iris, try applying a violet or purple mascara. You may as well cover your lashes with a pink-shaded product. A green mascara works best with brown and hazel eyes. Actually, try applying a black mascara underneath the brightest shades of green to gain an interesting effect on your eyelashes.

SAVE YOUR MASCARA. How to make it last longer and how to resuscitate dried-out Mascara?

SAVE YOUR MASCARA. How to make it last longer and how to resuscitate dried-out Mascara?

What should be done when your beloved mascara has just dried-out, you have nothing to replace the old mascara with and the time is running out? Should you hurry to a shop, buy a new mascara and, as a consequence, be late for work? Do not panic, there are several ways that will save your cosmetic. First of all, check the expiration date. If the mascara is no longer advised to be used, throw it away immediately. In such a case, there is nothing enabling to resuscitate the out-of-date mascara. Why do eye makeup cosmetics tend to dry-out so quickly?

One of the reason is rapid water loss. During pulling the brush in and out, we pump the oxygen into the bottle. What is more, improper consistency may also lead to spoil the cosmetic. As the time passes by, a mascara loses its properties, becomes denser and no matter how hard you try, it is just impossible to coat your eyelashes with it. Furthermore, while eliminating the excess of mascara gathered on the brush by rubbing it by the edge of the bottle, we let the dried-out residues enter the mascara tube. Basically, dirty brush is yet another reason of mascara drying-out.

Having this in mind, is it possible to save mascara?

Of course, there is a solution. If your mascara has dried-out, pour a few drips of eye drops or a toner that you cleanse your face with. Such products work like water and are able to dilute the cosmetic a little bit. You may as well put the mascara tube into a mug filled with hot water. After several minutes of such a bath, the cosmetic should return to its proper consistency.

In order to avoid bad surprise in a form of dried-out mascara, clean the brush regularly, most preferably once a week. You can, for example, wipe the applicator with a tissue soaked with a makeup remover. You can as well dip the brush into water and soap mixture or simply spray it with a disinfecting liquid. Important to realize, the applicator has to be cleansed thoroughly in order to eliminate all dried-out makeup residues and bacteria that could have gathered on it.

How to make use of old mascara?

Firstly, you can clean the applicator and use it with a new mascara. Secondly, each and every brush can be used for a conditioner or castor oil application. Thirdly, eyelash brush can transform into eyebrow comb. Basically, old mascara can be applied as an eyebrow beautifying product.

What are the Mysteries Held by Mascara?

What are the Mysteries Held by Mascara?

The secret of ideal appearance lies in perfectly mascaraed eyes. What should you know about mascara in order to do ideal eye makeup? Firstly, the effect. The outcome you would like to achieve has to be set right at the beginning of makeup performance. Think for a while, and decide whether you would like the lashes become longer, thicker or curled? Then, you can choose the mascara featuring all the desired characteristics. Pick also the appropriate mascara brush. To demonstrate, curling applicators differ in terms of size, shape, and sort of bristle from those brushes aiming at bringing out the tiniest lashes growing in corners of the eyes.

Everybody knows, black mascara is the classic. It fits all types of beauty and all sorts of eyelashes. Certainly, other kinds of mascaras work equally good in emphasising iris of the eye and the beauty in general. Basically, cosmetic shops are full of green, violet, brown, blue and even pink mascaras. What is more, one can also buy a glitter mascara and there is nothing strange about it. To clean the eyelashes out of this kind of colour cosmetic, use a makeup removing lotion of high quality or reach for a dual-action liquid. Mind you, colourful mascaras are trendy mainly during the summer season.

While buying a mascara, consider purchasing a waterproof one. Such a cosmetic is useful especially at the seaside, at the swimming pool and both in the summer and winter. Surely, it will remain untouched even if you rub your eyes. Despite waterproof mascara’s great advantages, there are some bad sides of the product though. For example, removing a waterproof mascara occupies more time than a regular mascara. For that reason, you can use a dual-action liquid or other effective cosmetic. Soak a cotton pad with it and press it towards the eye. Wait for a moment until the product melts the makeup. Remember, there is no need in rubbing the eyes since this may lead to deteriorate eyelashes’ condition and irritate eyelid skin.

When is the highest time to replace old mascara with a new one?

In most cases, it is suggested to spend your money on a new mascara every four months of usage. Some inflammations may occur if a mascara is applied longer than that. Worth remembering, the expiration date is shortened by enabling oxygen getting into the mascara’s bottle, storing in wet spaces as well as inappropriate usage (forgetting about twisting the cap closely.)

While coating your eyelashes with a mascara, try to pay attention to doing this precisely. Make an effort and do not let clumps stay on the eyelashes, prevent your eyelids from becoming stained all over with a mascara and do not make the eyelashes get stuck together. Be careful also about applying several layers of the product. Thick coats of mascara look simply ugly and as soon as the product dries out, it may flake and stick to your cheeks.


What is a Semi-permanent Mascara?

What is a Semi-permanent Mascara?

As the name speaks for itself, semi-permanent mascara is a product that is used for performing semi-permanent eye makeup. The minute it dries out, the product becomes waterproof and holds on lashes for even four weeks. What is more, the product used during this beautifying treatment is characterized by extremely high quality. In other words, it neither irritates nor deteriorates condition of the eyelashes. Furthermore, semi-permanent eyelash mascaraing treatment lasts from 30 minutes up to one hour. The period of time devoted on the mascaraing depends on the condition and number of lashes a woman has. When it comes to the removal of the cosmetic, it has to be performed at a beauty parlour because an unexperienced person might cause a great damage to the eyelashes. Basically, semi-permanent mascara removal session lasts approximately 15 minutes.

What are the effects brought by semi-permanent mascara application? First and foremost, eyelashes covered with the product look gorgeous and the makeup itself is extremely durable. We do not have to be worried whether our makeup is perfect, or whether the coats of mascara applied have run down our face. Actually, this beautifying treatment saves up a lot of time since we do no longer have to cover the eyelashes with mascara every morning before going out. Another considerable advantage, semi-permanent mascara provides volume to eyelashes, thickens, extends, and curls these as well. Notably, it can serve as a complementary treatment to eyelash thickening treatment.

Because semi-permanent mascara is a fairly specific makeup technique, it is suggested to take a proper care of it. To demonstrate, it is forbidden to wash your eyes up to five hours after the treatment, and what is more, you must not take a hot bath, enter swimming pool or sauna even after two days since the beautifying session was held. Furthermore, it is not allowed to use any cosmetics that contain oily substances. For that reason, in order to take care of eyes, one has to use products, such as makeup remover, of water base only. Another key point, it is advised not to rub fiercely eyes while purifying face. What is more, one must remember to separate eyelashes with a special comb every day in order to avert creating unattractive effect of stuck eyelashes or, so-called, fly’s legs effect.

As any other beautifying treatment, semi-permanent mascara treatment has plenty of contraindications as well. To enumerate, firstly, a person undergoing the semi-permanent mascara session has to take off contact lenses. Secondly, it is not advised to undergo the treatment if one suffers from some skin or eye illnesses such as, excessive eyelash loss, chemotherapy, allergies, bacterial infections, hair pulling disorder, pink eye, cataract or glaucoma.



Homemade cosmetics are the best possible ones! Why?

Because these comprise of natural substances, and we know what is hidden inside the product. Equally important is the satisfaction brought by the fact that we are the person who is able to produce such a cosmetic. What will you need and how to make your own mascara? Check below.

Let us start from the good news, all the ingredients necessary for creating your homemade mascara are easily accessible at your home, chemists, organic food shops, or herbal shops. Therefore, collect one teaspoon of coconut oil, one teaspoon of Shea butter, a half of a teaspoon of beeswax, four teaspoons of aloe gel, and two pills of active carbon. Now, let us focus on the properties held by the particular ingredients. The following substances are responsible for moisturization: coconut oil, Shea butter and aloe gel. Similar function is carried by beeswax. However, this element has got yet another, extremely crucial feature. Not only does it contain plenty of vitamins, but also counteracts bacteria multiplication. This in turn provides nourishment to eyelashes and the mascara itself preserves its freshness for longer. Naturally, the black pigment is guaranteed by active carbon. This substance is available at chemist’s. If you prefer your eyelashes having brown colour instead of black one, use coca.

How to prepare D.Y.I. mascara?

Firstly, crush the pills of active carbon. You can do it either in a mortar or just with a hammer. If you choose the second option, remember to place the carbon in a plastic bag first. Prepare hot water bath and heat all the substances until these get melted completely. Stir the mixture all the time. When it cools down a little bit, add the active carbon powder. Leave the mixture aside in order to let it cool down totally.

Now, all you have to do is place the mixture into a mascara bottle. Certainly, the bottle must be perfectly clean. You can, for example, wash it with a good quality makeup removal liquid, spirit alcohol or you can as well wash it in a boiling water. Be careful to do not burn yourself. Do the same with the applicator. If the pouring of the cosmetic into the bottle looks as an impossible mission, take a foil bag and place your homemade mascara in the coroner. Then, cut off the corner (make a tiny hole) and squeeze the cosmetic into the bottle. Now, placing the mascara into the container is no longer a challenge for you. You can use a pipette as well.

And how to apply such a mascara on the eyelashes?

There is nothing extraordinary in the application of your own cosmetic. Just do it as if you were coating your lashes with any other mascara bought in a shop. When you finish your makeup, give the mascara some time to dry out. To point out, homemade mascara works way better in terms of application than other mascaras. What is more, such a cosmetic is more visible on thin and short lashes. Finally yet importantly, your homemade mascara can be used for three up to four months since the production.

The History of Mascara

The History of Mascara

You use it every day and cover the eyelashes with it, but do you know its origin? Mascara, because it is the topic of the article, is one of the most popular colour cosmetics since ancient times. Not surprisingly, each and every make-up bag is equipped with this product.

As mentioned before, mascara already existed in ancient times. Even in those times, women were extremely concerned about their appearance. They painted the bodies with colourful tints or took milk baths such as Cleopatra used to do. Obviously, almost everybody is familiar with the paintings on pyramids’ walls that present both men and women with heavy painted eyes. What was the composition of ancient mascaras? Certainly, our ancestors used only natural substances. The tint was made of coal or soot. Then, the colouring substance was combined with water, honey or olive, as well as, other ingredients that helped to make eyelashes stiffer.

The first mascara, similar to the one we use nowadays, was formed in Europe in 60s. Its creator of it was Eugene Rimmel. The product’s composition was made of Vaseline and powder carbon. Mascaras that were produced later on included soap flakes and black tint. These were of solid consistency and were sold in cases. What is more, the products were applied with a special comb that is similar to the one used at present for eyebrows combing. Such cosmetics were willingly used by movie icons like Pola Negri, Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich.

Helena Rubinstein is the one who designed the precursor of nowadays mascara. It was of liquid consistency and was sold in a tube. Indeed, it resembled a toothpaste rather than a cosmetic for eyelashes. The product was applied with a special brush, which underwent several transformations to finally take the form of the brush we know today.

The present-day mascara has a little in common with the ones produced both in ancient times and in 60s. Basically, composition, colours, consistency and brushes have changed drastically since that times. Nowadays, cosmetic producers want to outdo the concurrency, therefore, we are the witnesses of more and more intricate mascara creations. And these do not concern only the composition but also the bottles and brushes of those beautifying products. Currently, no one uses natural substances as the components of mascaras. These ingredients have been replaced with, for example, collagen, proteins, or ceramides. However, there is still one thing that has not changed at all. Eyelashes covered with mascara still look just gorgeous.

What Kind of Mascara Brush is the Best One?

What Kind of Mascara Brush is the Best One?

It all depends on the mascara brush. Its shape, size, type, material and placement of bristle influence the final eye makeup outcome the mascara can provide. If you would like to have cured and extended lashes, you have to use brushes of slightly different look then when you want to separate these precisely. You have to be aware also of the fact, that mascara brushes are of various shapes. What is more, the mascara brush has to match your eyelashes. To demonstrate, you should pick one particular type of mascara wand if you have short lashes, and other wand, if you are an owner of long and dense lashes. Having this in mind, learn the types of mascara brushes, and then, decide which mascara to choose.

Which mascara brush to pick for short lashes? Basically, you can choose between two types of applicators. One, a fairly small in size, with densely placed and tiny bristle or the other one, that contains two types of bristle, longer on one side and shorter on the other. In the second case, the bristle has to be densely placed. While covering your lashes with the first type of mascara wand, you can manoeuver the brush the way you like, you can simply place it at any angle you please. In fact, this technique of mascaraing enables you to reach even the shortest lashes grown in the corners of your eyes. When it comes to the second type of mascara brush, the manner of coating lashes depends on the side we use. Recently, such kinds of wands are attached to mascaras quite frequently.

Sparse eyelashes crave for volume and thickness. In such a case, you can benefit from a wand made of short and rather densely placed bristle. During the application, lashes become thicker and darker since the mascara covers the little hair of eyelids evenly. Fairy similar situation is observed while using a natural bristle comb on hair. Due to the accessory, streaks of hair become fluffy and increase their volume dramatically.

Important to realize, a mascara can have curling features as well. A brush of slight curved shape carries similar characteristics. It is equipped with short and long bristle, placed on the opposite ends of the brush. What is more, the bristle itself is not so densely placed, as it is noticeable in the previously mentioned mascara wands. The curved brush adjusts to the shape of eyelid, due to which, we are able to coat all the lashes just in a single sweep. People having stiff eyelashes should use similar brush. However, such an applicator contains identical length of bristle that is placed closely.

The last kind of mascara brush has appeared on the market fairly recently. It is sphere-shaped and is rather small. Its aim is to push up and stretch eyelashes upwards. Therefore, this sort of brush is used for mascaraing long and dropping eyelashes. Unfortunately, such a wand is hard to find at regular cosmetic shops.

Ways of Applying Mascara

Ways of Applying Mascara

How to cover eyelashes with a mascara avoiding clumping but making these longer and curled? This is the very question often asked by women at their morning make-up routine. Fortunately, there are several marvelous techniques easing coating your eyelashes with mascara flawlessly.

Generally, we distinguish three main eyelash massacring techniques: zigzag, crosswise and vertical. The first one, zigzag motion, is probably the most popular technique of eyelash coating. Lashes covered in this particular way are always perfectly separated and look as if they were much denser that they really are. Crosswise motion is the second manner of eyes beautification method. A mascara brush should be moved towards the outer corner of the eyes. In such a way, an effect of cat eyes is achieved. Additionally, this effect can be more effective by drawing a thin, black eye line on the eyelids. The last technique, vertical, consists in coating the tips of eyelashes. This manner lifts lashes slightly upwards and, therefore, makes eyes look bigger.

What is considered as no-no in terms of mascara use? It is rather advised against applying several layers of mascara at once. Why? By loading lashes with a mascara, one achieves nothing more than unnatural, so-called fly’s legs effect. Remember, if you feel the need of covering your lashes with yet another layer of mascara, wait until the previously applied one dries out completely. Furthermore, it is also forbidden to use a few various mascaras at the same time since these can differ in terms of properties and shades. In other words, your makeup can simply fell by the wayside. Moreover, have you ever wondered what should be done in order to stop mascara from drying out after a few weeks of use? Try, while gathering mascara on the wand, put it inside the phial and twist it a few times. Do not pump the air inside the phial. To clarify, do not put the wand inside and outside the bottle several times at once. What is more, do not remove the excess of mascara by the edges of the phial because when you take the wand out of the bottle the next time, the residues will stick to it. As a result, you will apply these clumps onto your lashes. What is more, by doing so you enable some dried out residues fall into the bottle as well. Must be remembered, do not separate lashes with a pin or other pointy-ended instruments. For example, you can damage the structure of eyelashes or even harm your eye. Basically, screw a mascara tightly every time you finish using it. Lastly, point often overlooked, clean your eyelashes every time you go to sleep. In other words, perform precise makeup removal. Always!

How to apply a mascara? Start with curling your lashes with an eyelash curler. In such a way, you avoid making the accessory dirty and you will not ruin all the mascara layers applied. Then, coat tips of the eyelashes. This kind of action makes your shortest lashes stretch. Next, mascara the lashes of upper eyelids with the above-mentioned zigzag motion. Place the wand on the lash base and then wiggle the brush upwards. Lashes should not stick together due to this technique. If you would like to, feel free to repeat the movement several times. Again, with the tip of the wand, stretch the tips of the lashes upwards. Now, remove the excess of mascara out of the wand and get the lashes separated. After that, repeat the procedure on the lower eyelashes. Mascara these by holding the wand parallel to eyes. You can as well place the wand vertically and move the applicator from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. The last step, separate the lashes with a special lash comb.