SAVE YOUR MASCARA. How to make it last longer and how to resuscitate dried-out Mascara?

SAVE YOUR MASCARA. How to make it last longer and how to resuscitate dried-out Mascara?

What should be done when your beloved mascara has just dried-out, you have nothing to replace the old mascara with and the time is running out? Should you hurry to a shop, buy a new mascara and, as a consequence, be late for work? Do not panic, there are several ways that will save your cosmetic. First of all, check the expiration date. If the mascara is no longer advised to be used, throw it away immediately. In such a case, there is nothing enabling to resuscitate the out-of-date mascara. Why do eye makeup cosmetics tend to dry-out so quickly?

One of the reason is rapid water loss. During pulling the brush in and out, we pump the oxygen into the bottle. What is more, improper consistency may also lead to spoil the cosmetic. As the time passes by, a mascara loses its properties, becomes denser and no matter how hard you try, it is just impossible to coat your eyelashes with it. Furthermore, while eliminating the excess of mascara gathered on the brush by rubbing it by the edge of the bottle, we let the dried-out residues enter the mascara tube. Basically, dirty brush is yet another reason of mascara drying-out.

Having this in mind, is it possible to save mascara?

Of course, there is a solution. If your mascara has dried-out, pour a few drips of eye drops or a toner that you cleanse your face with. Such products work like water and are able to dilute the cosmetic a little bit. You may as well put the mascara tube into a mug filled with hot water. After several minutes of such a bath, the cosmetic should return to its proper consistency.

In order to avoid bad surprise in a form of dried-out mascara, clean the brush regularly, most preferably once a week. You can, for example, wipe the applicator with a tissue soaked with a makeup remover. You can as well dip the brush into water and soap mixture or simply spray it with a disinfecting liquid. Important to realize, the applicator has to be cleansed thoroughly in order to eliminate all dried-out makeup residues and bacteria that could have gathered on it.

How to make use of old mascara?

Firstly, you can clean the applicator and use it with a new mascara. Secondly, each and every brush can be used for a conditioner or castor oil application. Thirdly, eyelash brush can transform into eyebrow comb. Basically, old mascara can be applied as an eyebrow beautifying product.