What are the Mysteries Held by Mascara?

What are the Mysteries Held by Mascara?

The secret of ideal appearance lies in perfectly mascaraed eyes. What should you know about mascara in order to do ideal eye makeup? Firstly, the effect. The outcome you would like to achieve has to be set right at the beginning of makeup performance. Think for a while, and decide whether you would like the lashes become longer, thicker or curled? Then, you can choose the mascara featuring all the desired characteristics. Pick also the appropriate mascara brush. To demonstrate, curling applicators differ in terms of size, shape, and sort of bristle from those brushes aiming at bringing out the tiniest lashes growing in corners of the eyes.

Everybody knows, black mascara is the classic. It fits all types of beauty and all sorts of eyelashes. Certainly, other kinds of mascaras work equally good in emphasising iris of the eye and the beauty in general. Basically, cosmetic shops are full of green, violet, brown, blue and even pink mascaras. What is more, one can also buy a glitter mascara and there is nothing strange about it. To clean the eyelashes out of this kind of colour cosmetic, use a makeup removing lotion of high quality or reach for a dual-action liquid. Mind you, colourful mascaras are trendy mainly during the summer season.

While buying a mascara, consider purchasing a waterproof one. Such a cosmetic is useful especially at the seaside, at the swimming pool and both in the summer and winter. Surely, it will remain untouched even if you rub your eyes. Despite waterproof mascara’s great advantages, there are some bad sides of the product though. For example, removing a waterproof mascara occupies more time than a regular mascara. For that reason, you can use a dual-action liquid or other effective cosmetic. Soak a cotton pad with it and press it towards the eye. Wait for a moment until the product melts the makeup. Remember, there is no need in rubbing the eyes since this may lead to deteriorate eyelashes’ condition and irritate eyelid skin.

When is the highest time to replace old mascara with a new one?

In most cases, it is suggested to spend your money on a new mascara every four months of usage. Some inflammations may occur if a mascara is applied longer than that. Worth remembering, the expiration date is shortened by enabling oxygen getting into the mascara’s bottle, storing in wet spaces as well as inappropriate usage (forgetting about twisting the cap closely.)

While coating your eyelashes with a mascara, try to pay attention to doing this precisely. Make an effort and do not let clumps stay on the eyelashes, prevent your eyelids from becoming stained all over with a mascara and do not make the eyelashes get stuck together. Be careful also about applying several layers of the product. Thick coats of mascara look simply ugly and as soon as the product dries out, it may flake and stick to your cheeks.