maxfactor2000mascarawaterproofDURABILITY: This cosmetic is the long-lasting one, however, at the end of the day it may flake a little bit. In that case, take a damp tissue and gently collect the flakes of mascara from underneath the eyes. Then, powder the face. In general, we can avoid mascara flaking if applied only one layer of it.

BRUSH: The mascara provides an ordinary brush with short and densely arranged bristle. Unfortunately, this kind of applicators gather galore amounts of the cosmetic. All you have to do then, is to wipe the excess of the mascara with a tissue or other brush. After that, our eyelashes will be nicely covered and separated.

APPLICATION: Mascara dyes out quickly which eases the application significantly. The applicator has to be moved from the roots upwards to the very tips of eyelashes’. When the lashes are coated with the product, place the brush vertically and bring out only the tips of eyelids’ hair, making these a little bit lifted up. Thing worth mentioning, the tip of the brush cannot be covered with great amount of the product. Repeat the procedure on the lower eyelashes as well.

EFFECTS: Definitely, Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara thickens lashes due to Polymers included into mascara’s composition. Nevertheless, the more layers of the cosmetic’s applied, the greater possibility of clumped lashes. Additionally, the mascara is available in three shades, has hypoallergenic features, and can be safely used by contract lenses wearers.

MASCARA REMOVAL: The mascara can be removed with the aid of a lotion or a cosmetic mist. In order to remove the colourfoul versions of the product, it is suggested to use a dual-action lotion. Basically, the dual-action cosmetic would be also useful if one coated their lashes with thick layers of the mascara.