Isadora-Mesmerizing-Flashing_Volume_MascaraDURABILITY: The mascara is effective, which means, it does not flake. Nevertheless, at the end of the day or at high temperatures the cosmetic may be a little bit smudgy and stain around eyes area. What is more, the mascara dries out fast which is fairly favourable feature when one wants to apply several layers of the cosmetic.

BRUSH: The applicator is very short and it is difficult to use it properly. The application has to be repeated several times. The huge amount of the mascara accumulates among the sparsely arranged bristle. If we do not comb the lashes thoroughly, we achieve fly’s legs effect. On the other hand, considerable advantage of the small-sized brush is its ability to coat even hard-to-reach lashes.

APPLICATION: Despite the small brush, the mascara is easy to apply (if we manage to gather scant amount of the cosmetic.) You can apply several layers of the product and your lashes remain separated and elegant. Basically, during eye makeup performance, you can take advantage of one technique used by make-up artists – the zigzag motion.

EFFECTS: Isadora Flashing Volume Mascara thicknesses and makes the lashes slightly curled. What is more, it dyes the eyelid’s hair with intensive black colour. The product is available only in one shade. The black mascara will do wonders equally for women having pale complexion and blonde hair as well as for brunettes.

MASCARA REMOVAL: To cleanse your lashes from the mascara, suffice to use a regular cosmetic lotion. Basically, the mascara is removed without any problems. Reach for a cotton pad soaked with the lotion and press it towards the eye. After a while, the mascara should vanish from the eyelashes. Repeat the action until the cotton pad is clean.