Mascara Lashcode

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DURABILITY: Lashcode is an excellent long-lasting mascara. It is not waterproof and yet it is suitable for all weather conditions: it does not crumble, it has excellent pigmentation, which it owes to magnetite – a mineral dye of top-quality. Lashcode mascara also contains a number of ingredients that nourish and regenerate eyelashes.

BRUSH: Elastometric, with the right size and ideal shape: a spiral tapering at the ends makes coating eyelashes a pure pleasure. The brush does not require any manual skills, does not stain the eyelids, it combs, lengthens, and thickens the eyelashes by curling them: lashes are lifted, perfectly separated and impress with the multi-lashes effect.

APPLICATION: Lashcode mascara spreads very well on the lashes, does not stick them or create clumps even after applying several layers. Powdered consistency makes lashes look great in any light, and the right shape of the wand allows you to efficiently capture even the smallest, delicate and thinnest eyelashes in the corners of the eyes. It visually thickens the lashline and provides stunning makeup.

EFFECTS: Lashcode mascara allows you to achieve a variety of great makeup looks, depending on how many layers of mascara is put on. This mascara is suitable to create a subtle look, daily makeup, romantic look or a slightly stronger, bolder effect as well as the extreme yet precise, voluminous and definitely – impressive results.

MASCARA REMOVAL: Makeup removal is a quick and trouble-free procedure. Lashcode mascara is smoothly and gently removed using any micellar water or oil. It does not require vigorous rubbing of the eyelid and as a result, it does not cause mechanical weakening or lash loss.