s55780-main-LheroDURABILITY: Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascara neither flakes nor leaves stains on eyelids. What is more, it also does not stick eyelashes together and does not create clumps. If one would like to prolong the durability of the product, put on an eyelash primer first.

BRUSH: It comprises of short and densely placed bristle. Moreover, the applicator is slender enough to reach even the tiniest eyelashes growing in corners of the eyes. By gathering the minimal amount of the product, we separate and shape lashes.

APPLICATION: The brush has to be placed parallel to eyelids to coat lashes from their roots up to the tips. The first layer of the cosmetic provides natural and delicate effect, therefore, one can freely reapply the mascara if necessary. Important to realize, before applying another layers of the cosmetic, it is advisable to let the previous coats dry out.

EFFECTS: The mascara gives natural and delicate effect. Women preferring heavy eyelash emphasising, have to apply several layers of the mascara. The cosmetic lengthens the lashes and makes these more pliant and predisposed to stylizing. The mascara is available in black and brown colour.

MASCARA REMOVAL: The mascara is not waterproof so there is no need in using dual-action lotions. For that reason, you can use a regular micellar or a cosmetic lotion. You can as well use makeup-removing tissues or a face cleaning gel.