Lancome-Oczy-Hypnose_Doll_EyesDURABILITY: Lancome Mascara tends to smear and fleck which may lead to panda eye effect formation. For that reason, it is better to apply either only one coating of the mascara or use a mascara primer beforehand. It this way, the makeup will be enhanced significantly.

BRUSH: Basically, it is a typical cone-shaped applicator having shorter bristle on the tip, and longer ones on the bottom. The bristle itself is not arranged very densely, which is why, it is easier to cover the lashes rather precisely. However, this type of bristle placement may result in too thick mascara layers application.

APPLICATION: Since the product has liquid consistency, one has to manoeuvre the brush skilfully to avoid spoiling eye makeup by mascara stains. After the cosmetic application, it is suggested to wait a while to let the product dry out. To clarify, one should not close eyes or open these wide because lashes may stick to each other or the mascara may, in a way, stamp eye skin area.

EFFECTS: The cosmetics has flower fragrance as well as nourishing and caring properties. Additionally, it defines lashes and thickens these. Natural and delicate effect is provided only if small amount of the cosmetic applied.

MASCARA REMOVAL: A makeup lotion or a micellar lotion easily remove the mascara. It is not suggested to rub the lashes while performing makeup removal. Such kind of motion may cause irritations or considerably deteriorate eyelashes’ condition.


Maybelline_New_York_Great_Lash_MascaraDURABILITY: The mascara is not long-lasting, eyelashes covered with the cosmetic stamp eyelids and the coating is brittle. The reason for this may be explained by the liquid consistency of the product. Only single coating can prevent our eyelids from getting stained, however, our lashes will not be so defined.

BRUSH: Dependable on product’s version, and there are four of them, the brush can be either straight or curved. Nevertheless, the one thing that connects the brushes is the dense bristle coating eyelashes precisely. The fiber of some brushes is of various length, the shortest are for mascara application and the longest ones for separating.

APPLICATION: It is suggested to apply the mascara with zigzag motion in order to avoid clumps formation. Unfortunately, it takes long time for the mascara to dry out on eyelashes. If you would like to escape from stuck lashes, comb the eyelashes with a special applicator right after applying the last coating of the mascara.

EFFECTS: The cosmetic makes eyelashes darker, lengthens these and improves the volume. What is more, lashes get curled after three coatings. If we use the brush skilfully, we will avoid clumps and stuck lashes.

MASCARA REMOVAL: The manner of cleansing lashes does not vary according to the mascara applied. All cosmetics can be removed with warm water, a cosmetic lotion, or a dual-action lotion. When it comes to the waterproof version, it is necessary to rub eyes a few times. Otherwise, the cosmetic may be difficult to be removed completely. Undoubtedly, in such a case, one can expect redden eyelids.


rv_bold_lacquer_mascara_bourne_duodownDURABILITY: Due to liquid consistency, the mascara leaves marks on eyelids. Moreover, at the end of the day, one can notice the tendency toward flaking, especially when thick coating applied. Furthermore, the cosmetic exhibits less durability at high temperatures.

BRUSH: It contains dense and short bristle, which separates lashes, and covers these with the mascara evenly. Additionally, the brush is of classic shape, adjusted to covering all types of lashes, even the short ones, thin as well as sparse.

APPLICATION: One has to be careful while applying the product since it is easy to stain the eyelids. Basically, the mascara is of liquid consistency which may hinder coating. What is more, tip of the brush tends to gather too much of the cosmetic. If you apply too dense layer of the cosmetic, the lashes become clumped together and loaded.

EFFECTS: It does not curl lashes. Moreover, eyelashes covered with the mascara are stiff and unnaturally lengthened. Obviously, the effect of abnormal lashes will be emphasized even more if several layers of the cosmetic applied. In order to obtain natural effect, you can wipe the applicator against a tissue or other brush and mascara lashes with it.

MASCARA REMOVAL: The waterproof version of the cosmetic has to be removed with the aid of a dual-action liquid, whereas, the other can be cleansed with regular makeup removing lotions. One may experience irritations, if rubs eyelids fiercely.


Laura_Mercier-Oczy-Extra_Lash_Sculpting_MascaraDURABILITY: Laura Mercier Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara leaves lashes clumped together. Moreover, it tends to flack and stain eyelids after several hours of wearing.

BRUSH: A rubber applicator with short bristle between which the cosmetic gathers. The bristle itself is arranged in four rows placed all over the brush. The distance between single bristle is fairly wide.

APPLICATION: The mascara should be put on lashes with the zigzag motion. Obviously, the procedure can be repeated if necessary. Unfortunately, the brush collects too much of the cosmetic which makes the application troublesome. Basically, the cosmetic should be put on lashes by using one out of four rows of bristle. Under this circumstance, lashes should not be clumped together.

EFFECTS: Clumped lashes do not look appealing, these are unnatural and artificially emphasized. What is more, if several layers applied, tips of the eyelashes are smeared with black lumps. It is suggested to use an eyelash comb to separate lashes and obtain more natural effect.

MASCARA REMOVAL: Take a cotton pad and distribute a makeup lotion over it. Then, press the cotton pad toward the eye and wait till the makeup gets melted. In a case of waterproof mascara, use a dual-action liquid. Such a makeup removal requires more time and patience.


L'Oreal Panoramic Curl Mascara BlackDURABILITY: L’Oréal Panoramic Curl Mascara durability might be better because it flecks and smudges after a few hours of wearing. In fact, plenty of the product’s particles gather all around eyes. Moreover, it is not recommended to use the mascara during the summer because it may run down the face at high temperatures. For the same reason, it is advisable to remove the mascara before entering a sauna or a bath.

BRUSH: It is slightly curved which eases the mascaraing. The brush is divided into two sections, one with short and densely arranged bristle, the second with slightly longer, and wider placed ones. Fortunately, the applicator does not gather galore amount of cosmetic, due to which, lashes are not clumped together.

APPLICATION: It is not vexing. The brush is adjusted to eyelids shape, thanks to which, during a single brush sweep, all lashes are covered with the mascara.

EFFECTS: The mascara should provide curl. The truth is, the longer lashes are hard to be stylized in such a way, simply because their length does not allow to do it. What is more, the effect cannot be fully achieved on short lashes either, as the result is barely noticeable.

MASCARA REMOVAL: The mascara can be removed with a regular cosmetic lotion or a micellar lotion. Certainly, waterproof version of the mascara has to be removed with a dual-action lotion. Remember, it is forbidden to rub the eyelids. Instead, press a cotton pad gently toward the eyelashes and wait till the makeup relocates itself from the lashes onto the cotton pad.


clarins-be-long-mascaraDURABILITY: The mascara flacks and creates so-called panda eye effect on the face. Obviously, eyeshadows stained with a mascara do not look appealing. What is more, Clarins Be Long Mascara smudges also at high temperatures.

BRUSH: Slightly bent brush eases covering hard-to-reach lashes. One can coat even the tiniest lashes grown in the corners of the eyes. As a consequence, such a brush performs best with short lashes owners. Among the bristle, there are fairly big gaps which gather great amounts of the cosmetic.

APPLICATION:  Very fast and easy. The brush is comfortable and the application is not problematic at all. The best effect is obtained by pressing the brush a little bit towards eyelashes as covered with small amount of the mascara.

EFFECTS: Lashes are neither extended nor thickened. It is also hard to notice any curl. Another drawback, the mascara clumps lashes together. On the other hand, the plus of mascara is its darkening power. Therefore, people having fair eyelashes are encouraged to benefit from the product.

MASCARA REMOVAL: The mascara can be removed with the same product that is widely used for face cleansing. One will not experience problems if covered lashes only with a single coating. In other cases, one has to either use stronger products or rub eyelids longer in order to cleanse lashes completely.